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Maximizing the View

When choosing a lot with your Austin Texas custom home builder, it is important to determine the best home orientation to take advantage of what you want to see while blocking out what you do not want to see. You may have a wonderful view of Lake Travis, but at the same time you prefer to block out some neighboring homes from your view or protect yourself from the harsh west sun. We understand... (Read More)

By: Gary Grambley Date: 04/29/20

Project Management Tools

The key to providing an outstanding custom home building experience hinges on a Builder’s ability to apply a high level of organization and process to the project. The construction sequence for a typical custom home project may include as many as 250 independent activities, each with its own critical path, material lead time and labor availability. How is this achieved? Nearly a year ago we set out to find the best custom homebuilding project management... (Read More)

By: Gary Grambley Date: 03/20/20

Laurel Haven Homes Chosen for VR Pilot Program

We are honored to have been chosen by Andersen Windows & Doors to be one of only eight builders nationwide to pilot their cutting-edge VR Showroom! With this advanced technology our clients can view, in amazing virtual reality, all the different window and door configurations available – including trim features, hardware, divider bars, and color options! Our state-of-the-art Corporate Office and Design Center creates the perfect setting to immerse yourself in... (Read More)

By: Gary Grambley Date: 01/23/20

Office Warming Party!

Thank you to all who attended our recent Office Warming Party! A few months ago we purchased the previous Sweetwater Welcome Center – which is perfectly located for easy access to our projects in Lakeway, Spanish Oaks, The Peninsula, The Reserve at Lake Travis and the entire Hwy 71 corridor. We’ve been hard at work adapting the space to serve our custom home clientele. The Party provided a perfect opportunity to show off our state-of-the-art... (Read More)

By: Gary Grambley Date: 12/17/19

The Plan Approval Process

When building a custom home, before any dirt is turned, there will be some level of approval required from some governing entity. From the simplicity of a rural setting where only a septic permit may be required to the complexities of a planned development where approval may be required from a community Architectural Control Board as well as a City Planning and Development Department. It’s important to employ a Builder and Architect who understand the... (Read More)

By: Gary Grambley Date: 11/04/19

Finding Your Forever Homesite

When choosing the setting for your unique custom home, there are many variables to consider. Do you prefer the amenities of a planned development, which might include a community pool, tennis courts, hiking trails, boat docks, etc? Or do you prefer a more remote, peaceful setting where you can’t see your neighbors and shopping may be a bit further away? Or perhaps your dream homesite is something in between those two. Once you’ve determined the... (Read More)

By: Gary Grambley Date: 10/17/19

Choosing Your Builder First

Deciding to build a custom home is a major commitment. It’s a huge undertaking that a client may only experience once in their lifetime. It’s important to leverage the expertise of industry professionals to make the most of your custom homebuilding experience. The most successful projects start with the formation of the team – client – builder – architect. You may ask, “Why do I need to engage a builder at the earliest stage... (Read More)

By: Gary Grambley Date: 10/17/19

Making the Most of Your View

Taking advantage of a fabulous view requires more than just pointing the house in the right direction. There are several factors that must be considered when designing for a view. Here are just a few: Sun orientation – Sometimes a great view is also a west-facing view. While The Oasis Restaurant has made a wonderful living showcasing sunsets over Lake Travis, the west sun can be a challenge to manage in a home setting. (Read More)

By: Gary Grambley Date: 10/17/19