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Should You Invest in a Custom Home?

Over the past few years, for a variety of reasons, the cost of building a custom home has risen significantly. This should come as no surprise to anyone as the topic has been covered by local and national media extensively. So the question must be asked – “Why would you want to build a custom home now in Austin, Texas?” The fact is that resale homes have risen at a rate equal to or greater... (Read More)

By: Gary Grambley Date: 01/20/22

Maximizing the View

When choosing a lot with your Austin Texas custom home builder, it is important to determine the best home orientation to take advantage of what you want to see while blocking out what you do not want to see. You may have a wonderful view of Lake Travis, but at the same time you prefer to block out some neighboring homes from your view or protect yourself from the harsh west sun. We understand... (Read More)

By: Gary Grambley Date: 04/29/20

Project Management Tools

The key to providing an outstanding custom home building experience hinges on a Builder’s ability to apply a high level of organization and process to the project. The construction sequence for a typical custom home project may include as many as 250 independent activities, each with its own critical path, material lead time and labor availability. How is this achieved? Nearly a year ago we set out to find the best custom homebuilding project management... (Read More)

By: Gary Grambley Date: 03/20/20