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By: Gary Grambley Date: October 17, 2019

Choosing Your Builder First

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Deciding to build a custom home is a major commitment. It’s a huge undertaking that a client may only experience once in their lifetime. It’s important to leverage the expertise of industry professionals to make the most of your custom homebuilding experience. The most successful projects start with the formation of the team – client – builder – architect.

You may ask, “Why do I need to engage a builder at the earliest stage of the process?” An experienced builder can lend valuable insight from the very start of the process. When choosing your lot, your builder can provide an analysis of lot specific construction costs – making it easier to compare/contrast different lots and identify their true costs based on site-specific construction implications.

In the design stage, your builder can quantify the cost implications of certain design elements and help you make budget decisions earlier in the process, before a plan has been finalized and changes are more costly.

Leading up to construction, you can leverage the builder’s knowledge and relationships when navigating the maze of City permitting, community Architectural Control Boards and other governmental approvals. An experienced builder can also create a meaningful budget while giving you the benefit of volume purchase discounts – creating value for you before the foundation forms have even been constructed!

All of these benefits are available to you before the builder even provides his most valuable contribution – his expertise in managing the complex construction process and delivering a high-quality finished product!

For 20 years, Laurel Haven Homes has been the trusted partner that clients choose to help them make the most of their custom homebuilding experience. We’d love to learn about your custom home dreams and show you how we can be a valuable team member right from the start!

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