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By: Gary Grambley Date: October 17, 2019

Making the Most of Your View

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Taking advantage of a fabulous view requires more than just pointing the house in the right direction. There are several factors that must be considered when designing for a view. Here are just a few:

Sun orientation – Sometimes a great view is also a west-facing view. While The Oasis Restaurant has made a wonderful living showcasing sunsets over Lake Travis, the west sun can be a challenge to manage in a home setting. Some solutions: Deep, outdoor covered living areas can provide maximum shade in the early afternoon, but at some point the sun will be a factor. Motorized awnings and valances can provide additional relief until sunset.

Lot configuration – If your lot is wide enough, the home can be designed to take advantage of the views from nearly every room in the house. A narrower lot may require you to stack the rooms from front to back, limiting the view opportunities. In either case, maximizing the view with a multitude of windows and large sliding door units will make for a smooth visual transition from inside to outside.

Future view blocks – It’s risky to design your home for a view across another property. Understand your community guidelines and prepare for the worst-case scenario. This is where it helps to be the king of the hill! A view OVER another property, high enough to overlook a structure built at the tallest allowable height, is always the best scenario.

Having built high end custom homes in the Lake Travis area for 20 years, we understand the factors at play when maximizing the view from your custom homesite. Allow us to capitalize on the value that can be created by putting our expertise to work for you on your unique custom home project. For more information, contact Gary Grambley at 512-743-7247 or via email at .

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