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By: Gary Grambley Date: January 20, 2022

Should You Invest in a Custom Home?

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Over the past few years, for a variety of reasons, the cost of building a custom home has risen significantly. This should come as no surprise to anyone as the topic has been covered by local and national media extensively.

So the question must be asked – “Why would you want to build a custom home now in Austin, Texas?” The fact is that resale homes have risen at a rate equal to or greater than the increase in custom home prices. The economic side of the equation points to a custom home as a better value. Here are even more reasons to consider a custom home over a resale (used) home:

  • A used home comes with many limitations. You would probably have to live with a design or layout that doesn’t necessarily match your needs. Your custom home would be designed to your unique specifications to match your specific lifestyle.
  • A used home, like a used car, can have issues with the mechanical systems or there may be deferred maintenance issues that you would inherit. A shiny new custom home has brand new systems under their original warranties.
  • There’s something special about living in a home that no one else has ever lived in. There is peace of mind and added pride of ownership that comes with living in your unique custom home.

Admittedly, a custom home takes longer to design and build vs the purchase of a used home. However, when you consider the benefits of a custom home, the extra wait is very much worth it! For many families we serve, their custom home is the culmination of their life’s work. A reward to be shared with generations to come. Your children and grandchildren will always appreciate the thought and care that went into every decision you made throughout the custom homebuilding process.

We love to be a partner with our clients in this wonderful adventure! Our consierge approach to custom homebuilding allows you to relax and enjoy the process. Invest in your family and Let Us Lead You Home!

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